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 dedicated servers for the game 
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With the CS:GO Beta set to expand in the coming weeks and plenty of people playing already we've constructed a guide to creating your own server for match play.

Given that there is no way to purchase dedicated servers for the game which has only just opened in beta, the only way to play competitive matches it to host a local server for the teams to connect to. Doing so is more difficult than you'd expect and in order to make sure everyone understands the basics we've constructed a guide on how to do it, with all of the commands included. The game is currently in the very early stages of beta and as such there are numerous bugs, these are detailed in our guide below.

In order for other people to access your server, you must open port 27015 (UDP/TCP) in your router, to have it forwarded to your computer. This is different for each router model, but will generally be listed in the router control panel as "port forwarding". The port (27015) needs to be forwarded to your computers internal IP, which can be found in the router control panel's devices list, or in windows command prompt with the command "ipconfig" (usually your router will have the IP 192.168.x.1, and your computer will be 192.168.x.y)

The server IP will be IP:27015 where IP is your public internet IP, which you can find at http://ipchicken.com/

From the main menu, play -> create match -> chose competitive -> click de_dust2

Then, in console, set: mp_autokick 0;mp_freezetime 10;mp_force_pick_time 0;mp_limitteams 0;mp_startmoney 800;sv_deadtalk 0;bot_quota 0;

Once you're ready to go you simply enter the following to lo3:

mp_restartgame 1
mp_restartgame 1
mp_restartgame 3

This can all be put in aliases in your config, e.g.:

alias "match" "mp_autokick 0;mp_freezetime 10;mp_force_pick_time 0;mp_limitteams 0;mp_startmoney 800;sv_deadtalk 0;bot_quota 0;" alias "warmup" "mp_freezetime 1; mp_startmoney 16000; mp_restartgame 1;"
alias "lo3" "mp_freezetime 10; mp_startmoney 800;" // only needed to undo warmup settings alias "rr" "mp_restartgame 1" alias "rr3" "mp_restartgame 3" alias "live" "say LIVE LIVE LIVE"


- If you set a server password, anyone trying to join (even with correct password) will crash. If you want to prevent people from joining, set sv_password "whatever" after all 10 players are in, then remove it with sv_password "" if anyone needs to rejoin.

- If you change the map (changelevel de_dust2) then all players connected to your server will load into their own local servers on this new map, and will have to quit their server, then reconnect to your server

- If the server host tabs in/out of game, the server will lag badly

- When you create a server, all server settings are reset (e.g. freezetime, autokick... etc) hence needing an alias to run them every time you create a server

It's worth noting that at half time the teams auto-swap and scores keep going, so there's no need to lo3 at half time. When one team reaches 16 rounds, the game is over. Sourcetv commands are built into the game, except tv_enable, meaning SourceTV is not available to use at the moment.
We believe that valve will soon give GSPs the software required to run dedicated servers, at which point users won't have to run them locally. This is likely to happen in the next week but it may be longer before that happens, until then this can be used as a stop-gap solution for hosting servers.

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